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ROSCO Microfiber

We are suppliers and wholesale distributors of quality microfiber products located in the USA. Microfiber Towels, Auto Detail Towels, Spa Towels, Cleaning Cloths, Polishing Cloths, Thin Microfiber Cloths, Sport Towels. Open to the public. Free Shipping.

We can supply you with large bulk microfiber orders. Promotional item orders welcome. Our entire inventory is not on this web site, so if there is a specific product or towel that you are looking for, please contact us. We are located in Northern California. We ship from warehouses throughout the USA. Please note free shipping only applies within the USA.

You may ask yourself, Is Microfiber and ECO cloth? The answer would be yes because of water conservation. Why you ask? Because these cloths can absorb more than cotton cloths and are designed to be used in place of other towels and cloths used for cleaning and drying eliminating the need to use throw away cloths like paper towels. Also microfiber will outlast traditional cotton textiles.

Microfiber was developed in early 80's. It is composed with Polyester and Polyamide in one fiber (under 0.1 denier). In the dying process, these fiber are separated in 13~16 triangle shape parts. As a result, the thickness of one microfiber become under 0.01 denier. All of Microfiber products' characteristics are generated from this finest fibers and narrow spaces...

We believe in offering the highest premium quality microfiber cloths and microfiber towels at great prices. See our wholesale section for information about our microfibers available in bulk.

So remember RagsCo or ROSCO Microfiber for your next cotton towel or microfiber towel order. If you have questions please inquire to: info@roscorags.com or call 866-782-7181 USA
Locally servicing Wineries, Auto Dealers, Detailers, Hotels and Casinos in Sonoma County, California.