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The largest Wholesale Microfiber selection of Premium Quality Microfiber Towels and Cleaning Cloths in the USA.

Premium Quality Microfiber Detailing Cloths 16" x 20" Microfiber Cloths in Bulk 16" x 16" Qty 204
Microfiber Electronic Cloths Microfiber Cloths in Bulk
Premium Microfiber Face Cloths 13" x 13" Premium Quality Edgeless Microfiber PU Coated Towels 16" x 24"
Microfiber luxury face cloths PU Coated Microfiber Towels
Superior Microfiber 2 in 1 Drying Towel with Microfiber Suede Trim 24" x 40" Premium Microfiber Suede Cloths 8" x 8"
Microfiber Drying Towel Microfiber Polishing Suede Cloths
Premium Microfiber Mitt 600gsm 70/30 Premium Microfiber Drying Towels 400gsm 24" x 40"
Microfiber Washing or Polishing Mitt for Cars Black Microfiber Towels
What we offer...
We are quite confident we have the quality microfiber towels and cleaning cloths you need.

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

You will find a variety of microfiber cleaning cloths in our store that are most popular for home cleaning, janitorial cleaning, polishing, dusting, window cleaning and drying towels. We'll supply you with large bulk orders on any of our microfiber products. Our entire inventory is not on this web site, so if there is a specific cloth that you are looking for, please contact us. Our corporate office is located in Northern California. We'll ship from warehouses throughout the USA. Please note free shipping only applies within the USA.

Microfiber Towels Wholesale

Our Company is very proud of our wide range of Microfiber Towels Wholesale, bulk and retail and believe you will be too once you try them, especially our quality cleaning cloths. When buying in bulk you save money. For wholesale purchasing, we only require a $50 minimum for wholesale pricing. No large minimums required.

ECO Cloths for Cleaning and Drying

You may ask yourself, why are these cloths considered eco-friendly? The answer would be because of water conservation. Why you ask? Because these cloths can absorb more than cotton cloths and are designed to be used in place of other towels and cloths used for cleaning and drying eliminating the need to use throw away cloths like paper towels. Also these micro-fibers will outlast traditional cotton textiles.

What is Split Microfiber

Think about thousands of very tiny soft nano fibers that have been split 16 times and offers the deepest cleaning and softest results for the most pristine auto detailer. We offer both high pile premium split micro-fiber towels and polishing cloths and extra large luxury body wraps that are very soft and absorbent.

Antibacterial Microfiber Cloths

Microfiber Cloths for cleaning very delicate surfaces like optical lenses, glasses, laptops, Iphones, computer screens, eyeglasses, camera lenses, crystal, chrome, jewelry and most all electronic devices. Our beauty line offers bacteria free antibacterial microfiber towels and cloths for exfoliating the face for those who have delicate skin. These cloths are available in several different sizes making them a great mobile cloth. Try our newly designed products for the baby, horse and dog.

Rosco Microfiber and RagsCo

We are microfiber suppliers and wholesale distributors of new and recycled rags, cloth wipers, polishing cloths, and towels which are sold at RagsCo and here www.RoscoMicrofiber.com we offer many quality microfiber towels and products. The largest selection in the USA. Open to the public. FREE SHIPPING. Some microfiber towels in bulk or wholesale do not quality for free shipping.

Wholesale Microfiber

Note that Rosco Rags is a direct supplier importing towels and cloths from China and South Korea in bulk for you direct to your door, no risk and less money. Submit your budget for bulk microfiber and/or wholesale pricing and our international sales department will quote you on wholesale and bulk prices for your needs in the USA.

If you are not sure about which microfiber cloths will work for you, then call to speak to one of our experts that can help you get a better understanding of what each microfiber towel or cloth is best for its performance.

Prices may change without notice. Please take the time to learn more about Microfiber.