About Microfiber:

Microfiber Cloths & Microfiber Towels

What is microfiber?

Most microfiber cloths come with a label stating 80% Polyester and 20% Polyamide, other less quality microfiber cloths will be 85%/15% which you can expect to find in convenient stores. Then there is the 70% Polyester, 30% Polyamide blend which is our best combination for premium microfiber.

What are the benefits of microfiber?

The benefits you can expect from microfiber is amazing bacteria free cleaning, lint free and scratchless polishing results with effortless pressure.

How durable is microfiber?

Microfiber is a very durable material and can be washed hundreds of times. A cotton towel appearance and functionality will be visibly reduced after 20 washes or so, microfiber can sustain 300 to 500 washes with very limited effect on the product.

How to wash microfiber?

Over time we have come to the conclusion that you can wash and dry your microfiber towels like you would your normal textiles. Just be careful not to use dry heat as the fibers will melt some preventing their ability to perform at there best thereafter. Also, bleaching has the same effect so we recommend no bleach or a delicate bleach for the whites. Also, the factory has suggested not to use any softners because they leak out chemicals that can clog up the fine fibers.

What is GSM?

Grams per Square Meter will tell you how many fibers per cloth for density and thickness. The standard for the industry is usually a 300gsm. Anything less will not perform as good and any higher number is considered premium quality microfiber.

What is the difference between Microfiber made in China or Microfiber made in Korea?

Answer is Quality!!! For example: 100% of the Microfiber factories in Korea use machines costing 1 Million. 90% of the Microfiber factories in China use machines costing $100K. The difference is in the processing and finished work of the cloth. It's like night and day difference. Our exclusive testing results are proven by the quality of cloth or towel you get from Rosco Microfiber. Our knowledge will save you thousands in test orders.

Do we ship microfiber to other Countries?

Free shipping only applies to some items shipped within the USA excluding Hawaii and Alaska; Please call for shipping rates outside of the USA.
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