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Our Company is very proud of our wide range of Quality Microfiber Towels and Cleaning Cloths that we supply, and believe you will be too once you try them. The premium quality microfiber cloths designed by ROSCO are proven to be some of the best microfiber cloths in the USA. We know our microfiber and it's our job to educate those who don't know how to tell the difference between what you see and get at the box stores compared to what we offer here. There is no comparison. It's quality over generic. Huge difference. We believe and stand by what we import as far as quality goes. So, you decide. Is a few dollars worth scratching your car or your face or your furniture? In our option the answer is no. Our quality control team has eliminated the guessing process for you when it comes to choosing a premium microfiber polishing cloth, cleaning cloth or drying towel. Another thing to consider is when buying microfiber products in bulk you save money. We only require a $50 minimum for wholesale microfiber purchases which includes free shipping on most of our products. No large minimums required for wholesale. Come on people wake up, we have what others don't. ROSCO Microfiber started it's business before the markets became flooded with cheap microfiber imitations. Hard to find microfiber like ours, even today with all the competitors. We just won't budge on quality over price. You get what you pay for. Isn't that always the case?

Microfiber Wholesale
Quality Microfiber Products

We are a microfiber supplier and wholesale distributor of new and recycled cotton cleaning cloths in bulk , cloth wipers, polishing cloths, and towels which are sold at RagsCo and here at we offer many quality microfiber towels, cloths and products.

If you are not sure about which towel will work for you, then it's best to call and speak to one of our experts that can help you get a better understanding of what each towel or cleaning cloth is best for its cleaning performance. If you are looking for wholesale rags of cotton material, we also provide bulk pricing for all wiping rags as well.

You will find a variety of microfiber cleaning cloths in our store that are most popular for home cleaning, janitorial cleaning, carwash, polishing, sanitizing, auto detailing, window cleaning and drying towels. We'll supply you with large bulk options on any of our microfiber products. Our entire inventory is not on this web site, so if there is a specific cloth that you are looking for, please contact us. Our corporate office is located in Northern California. We'll ship from warehouses throughout the USA.

Microfiber Wholesale, Bulk and Retail

Note that Rosco Rags is a direct microfiber supplier importing quality microfiber towels and cloths from China and South Korea in bulk for you direct to your door, no risk and less money. Submit your budget for bulk microfiber towels and/or wholesale pricing and our international retail sales department will quote you on wholesale and bulk prices for your needs in the USA.